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Inner Shakti Yoga

Balance, Mind & Body

Learn about the age-old practice of yoga and how it can be used as a tool to help you stay healthy.

About yoga

“Yoga” means “union,” referring to the connection of body, mind, and spirit. This system of physical and mental practices originated in India roughly 5,000 years ago. It is a popular way to increase flexibility, gain strength, and reduce stress and focuses on your body’s natural tendency toward health and self-healing.

While there are many different styles, of yoga, most sessions typically include breathing exercises, postures (sometimes called asanas or poses) that stretch and flex various muscle groups often ending with meditation and relaxation.

When done regularly, yoga can keep you healthy. It can aid in the recovery from illness and pain and it can discourage disease. It can also provide greater mental clarity, emotional balance, and overall wellness. The only requirements to learn yoga are proper instruction from a qualified and knowledgeable teacher and a steady practice. Below is a deeper exploration of the benefits of yoga for your body, mind, and spirit.

Physical Benefits of Yoga

Increase flexibility

Gain muscle-strength and tone

Ignite energy and vitality

Improve balance

Promote weight-reduction

Boost cardio and circulatory health

Mental Benefits of Yoga

Reduce stress

Instill inner peace

Create mental clarity

Nurture mindfulness

Develop positive outlook

Relax the mind

Why Choose Us

Customized Instruction For Every Student

Private and semi-private classes available on request

Private yoga lessons are the perfect way to individualize and customize your yoga practice and make it ideal for your body and mind. They are great for working through an injury, learning proper structure, achieving advanced poses, or simply creating a yoga routine that will perfectly match your capacity and your goals. They are also great for beginners who would like to learn the basics and feel more confident attending group classes. Private lessons can be set up as a one time class or on an on-going basis. These one-on-one sessions are an excellent way for students of all levels to fine-tune their yoga practice.

Ready to Make a Change?

Finding the time to practice yoga just a few times per week may be enough to make a noticeable difference when it comes to your health. Whether you’re a couch potato or a professional athlete, size and fitness levels do not matter because there are modifications for every yoga pose and beginner classes in every style. The idea is to explore your limits, not strive for some pretzel-like perfection. It is a great way to get in tune with your body and your inner self.

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